BookBuddy Acrylic Desktop Accessory (Optional Add-on product)

BookBuddy Acrylic Desktop Accessory (Optional Add-on product)

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The BookBuddy (sold separately),  is a beautifully designed book pillow holder that holds almost any book with its pages open by a unique adjustable, ribbon-lock system. The Acrylic Desktop is also ideal for computer laptops.  The removable crystal clear Acrylic Desktop may purchased in addition to the BookBuddy product, allowing for the users laptop to simply sit on top without moving around as seen below.  

This lap desk attaches easily to the BookBuddy and offers the same features when using your laptop computer. It provides the benefit of eliminating the heat build-up on your legs and lap, and has been noted in several medical journals recently as a potential hazard to the skin and to individuals who use their laptops directly on their lap.

Acrylic Desktop dimensions:  15.5" x 11.25" and weight:  12.04 oz.  

(Note:  this product is to be used in conjunction with Book Buddy sold separately and as seen below)